CALED Annual Training Conference

March 21, 2017
San Diego, CA


KMA is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming CALED Training Conference "Moving Forward", being held March 21 - 23 in San Diego, CA.  Jim Rabe will participate as a moderator on a panel dubbed "Lead & Succeed: Create a Gameplan to Move Your Community Forward", while Debbie Kern  will be a panelist discussing current tools available to economic developers for site assembly.     

Jim's panel is part of the "Lead & Succeed" track, with a focus on professional development.  This panel will discuss Economic Development Strategies and will inform attendees how to write an implementable strategy that ensures a variety of partners are included to collaborate for success.   

Debbie's panel is part of the "Tech Learn" track, with a focus on technical tools that can be used for site development.  Debbie's session will include discussion of tax increment financing, the Gatto Act, Brownfields programs, plus more.