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San Francisco: Pier 90-94 Backlands Project

San Francisco: Pier 90-94 Backlands Project
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Entitlement Strategies

Granting approval of Development Agreements for underutilized properties often requires a strategic mix of private interest and public benefit. Keyser Marston helps clients strike the right balance.

Financial Feasibility

For a variety of land uses, from hypothetical projects to planned development, Keyser Marston delivers the data and analysis that provides a clear assessment of a project’s overall financial feasibility.

Highest and Best Use

How will a parcel be best put to valuable, sustainable use? A diverse list of clients has benefited from Keyser Marston’s expertise in evaluating options based on market and financial feasibility for a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial land uses.

Market Analysis

Determining the marketplace demand for a particular land use and the financial feasibility of a project is critical. Keyser Marston’s in-house market analysis provides the decision-making support clients need for intelligent mid- and long-term development strategies.


For nearly every land use, Keyser Marston can provide clients appraisals that meet Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

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