Greg Soo-Hoo

Mr. Soo-Hoo is a Senior Principal with Keyser Marston Associates’ Los Angeles office.  Greg oversees all aspects of post-redevelopment financial services for KMA and has been a part of KMA since 1991 and brings over 30 years of experience as a consultant to California cities and former redevelopment agencies.  Greg is familiar with local county government and was with the budget division of the Chief Administrative Officer of the County of Los Angeles prior to becoming a consultant.

Key Role

Greg manages all aspects of property tax revenue services for KMA clients. These services include financial assistance to successor agencies of the former redevelopment agencies; fiscal consulting services associated with tax allocation bond refinancings; preparation of annual financial bond disclosure analyses; preparing long range projections of tax revenues and cash flow analyses; and services associated with assessment appeal valuation and tax refund impacts.

Areas of Specialization

Successor Agency Financial Services

Financial services provided to successor agencies of former redevelopment agencies include analysis and preparation of semi-annual Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules (ROPS) for the State Department of Finance and the preparation of long range cash flow analyses associated with these semi-annual allocations to ensure sufficient funding exists for future debt service and other obligations of the former redevelopment agencies.  

Fiscal Consultant Services

Greg is fiscal consultant assisting successor agencies to the former redevelopment agencies in the issuance of tax allocation financings totaling over $3.7 billion. He manages a wide range of fiscal consulting services including verification of redevelopment project area taxable values, the review of historic valuation patterns, identification of major property owners, determination of assessment appeal impacts, and the projection of current and future year tax increment revenue flow.  He also assists bond underwriting teams in the preparation and review of bond offering documents, and has been an active participant in presentations to bond insurance and bond rating agencies.

Assessed Valuation Services

The assessed valuation services provided to cities and successor agencies include review of assessment appeal filings and an estimation of fiscal impacts to local taxing entities, parcel by parcel verification of redevelopment project area assessed values, and the identification of misallocation of annual tax revenues.  The assessment appeal analyses have also been supplemented with estimations of site-specific values to project the likelihood of future reductions in assessed values due to appeals.

Professional Credentials

Greg has conducted Redevelopment Institute financial training courses sponsored by the California Redevelopment Association and UCLA Extension program.  He is also a member of the ad hoc redevelopment finance advisory task force to the former California Redevelopment Association.

He is a graduate cum laude of the University of Southern California and holds a master’s degree in public administration, with a specialization in public finance.

Contact Greg

email: | phone 213.622.8095