Alfredo Reyes-Vega


Alfredo plays an integral role within the Berkeley office by providing essential analytical support. This encompasses a wide spectrum of responsibilities, including conducting thorough market research, skillfully crafting and analyzing pro forma financial statements, and contributing to the success of various other initiatives. Alfredo joined KMA in early 2023 and has since become a valuable team member, actively supporting numerous projects that span across various KMA practice areas.



Infrastructure Financing Plans

Assists public and private clients in developing effective financing plans for new facilities triggered by a proposed real estate development, rehabilitation of existing structures, citywide capital improvement plans, and specific plans.  Structures are often comprised of multiple funding sources, including Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFDs), Community Facility Districts (CFDs), value-added entitlements, new markets tax credits, impact fees, and P3s.

  • Potrero Power Station EIFD – San Francisco, CA
  • Larkspur Residential Development – Larkspur, CA

Affordable Housing

Assists local governments and agencies in tasks necessary for the development of affordable housing projects including the evaluation of developer pro forma projections, drafting of subsidy layering reviews, loan closing for affordable housing projects as well as evaluating the feasibility of inclusionary housing programs. Recent relevant projects include:

  • Inclusionary Housing Best Practices Analysis/Feasibility – Boulder, CO
  • Mixed Income Housing Ordinance Review – Sacramento, CA

Real Estate Advisory

Assists local governments in drafting and evaluating Requests for Proposals/Qualifications for the development of surplus land. Recent relevant projects include:

  • Dublin Blvd Extension – Dublin, CA
  • Redevelopment of SRI International Campus (Parkline) – Menlo Park, CA

Hobbies & Interests

Alfredo devours books and bookstore air in equal measure. When not flipping pages, Alfredo is engrossed in the world of retail investing. Oh, and he has a soft spot for exploring new places and spending time with the family.

Professional Credentials

  • B.A. in Economics – University of California, Berkeley
  • A.A. in Mathematics – Contra Costa College