At KMA, we believe in cultivating a workplace that supports, values, and embraces all staff through equity and inclusiveness. We have long been committed to building and developing a team that exemplifies diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives and equips all staff to thrive.

KMA policies ensure equal employment opportunity without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or any other basis as protected by law. Beyond that, we invest great effort into recruiting, retaining, and promoting colleagues who represent and epitomize the local communities in which we provide services.

A cornerstone of our hiring practice is our Real Estate Internship Program, established in 1995. Through this program, KMA has successfully attracted and advanced individuals from a broad swath of ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds, continually enriching our company’s perspective and societal sensitivity. Within our offices, we foster a teamwork culture that mentors and trains newcomers and ensures that all employees feel equally heard and respected.

KMA currently employs 25 people across four offices (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the San Rafael corporate office). Of the firm’s eight shareholders, four are women who together hold 57.3% of the voting stock of the company. Two of the three KMA offices are led by female Managing Principals. As a company, we also strive to engage with partners and clients who share our commitment to these foundational tenets.