Fiscal and Economic Impacts

KMA evaluates the impacts of specific real estate projects, land use alternatives, and specific businesses on behalf of both public and private sector clients. We have analyzed a broad range of land uses including: hotels, mixed-use projects, technology campuses, residential development, and sports complexes. Our analyses evaluate the impacts on multiple service providers, including cities, counties, school districts, fire districts, and other agencies.

Development Applications

Most of our assignments have been undertaken as part of the entitlement process. The findings of our analyses are often used as the basis for structuring the terms of development agreements, public benefit contributions, maintenance obligations, and incentive packages.

General and Specific Plan Land Use Alternatives

Our fiscal impact analyses have been instrumental in shaping the land use plans of General Plan and Specific Plans. We have been very effective in helping decision makers and the public understand the full array of issues that must be considered in establishing a land use plan. Our analyses address:

  • The varying levels of market demand for different land uses and the impact of market demand on absorption potential;
  • The financial feasibility of developing different land uses and the impact of feasibility on realistic opportunities; and
  • The fiscal implications and trade-offs of alternative land uses.

Services provided by KMA include:

  • Fiscal impacts
  • Economic impacts
  • Tax sharing agreements
  • Public services financing plans