Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.

Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. (KMA) is a boutique real estate advisory practice based on the West Coast. Founded in 1973, the firm has served over 600 clients on more than 2,000 projects, including some of the most high-profile public/private partnerships in California. The firm’s public sector clients include nearly every major municipality in California, as well as counties, ports, special districts, universities, and former military bases. While we are best known for our role as advisors to public sector and institutional clients, we also have an extensive private-sector practice, which primarily serves corporations, law firms, and landowners. We have office locations in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Diego.
Now in our 49th year, Keyser Marston has held the same commitment to clients: to provide creative pragmatic solutions to complex urban development. Our practice areas include:
We approach all of our assignments from a realitybased perspective. Our objective is to provide decision-makers with sound advice supported by strong technical analysis of all economic factors that impact success, including: market conditions, financial investment requirements, community needs and benefits, and development issues.
Keyser Marston’s unique strength is the depth, continuity and availability of our principals who average more than twenty years of practical experience in working with business and government. Their personal involvement is a key factor in the firm’s ongoing success. Their knowledge and expertise bring clarity to the complexities of real estate development. Keyser Marston’s principals are frequent speakers to such industry groups as the Urban Land Institute, and the California League of Cities. They have also served on policy-advisory committees for the State Legislature and Governor on issues such as affordable housing, economic development and military base reuse.
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