SCS Dublin Project

KMA estimated the fiscal impacts that the development of the 77-acre mixed-use SCS project would have on the City of Dublin. KMA’s assignment included estimating the recurring annual fiscal impacts of the entire proposed Project upon build-out, and the recurring annual fiscal impacts of only the residential component; and estimating the magnitude of construction-related tax revenues that will be generated by the Project.

The findings of KMA’s report were used to determine if the Project met the City’s fiscal neutrality requirement for projects applying for development entitlements. The City also planned to use the findings to establish the terms of a Development Agreement and Municipal Serves Agreement with the applicant.

The project, proposed by Mission Valley Properties and Landsea Homes, includes approximately 265,000 SF of commercial development and 650 residential units. Upon buildout, project will include:

  • The commercial development includes a 225,000 square foot regional center and 40,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail.
  • The regional center will be anchored by an 80,000 square foot Topgolf facility, a 30,000 square foot entertainment tenant, 40,000 square feet of restaurants and shops, and a limited service hotel with approximately 140 rooms.
  • The neighborhood center will be located along Finnian Way and will include 40,000 square feet of restaurants, retail shops, and service tenants.
  • The residential development includes 150 single family detached homes, 360 townhomes, 40 mixed-use townhomes, and 100 affordable rental apartments.

Project Description

Services Provided:
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Tax Revenue Projections
Project Status:
Project was approved in February 2022
Project Manager:
Debbie Kern
City of Dublin