City of San Diego Awarded $880,000 Cannabis Equity Grant

Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.(KMA) is pleased to share that the City of San Diego has been awarded a State grant to support qualified individuals who are seeking to enter the legal cannabis industry. The purpose of the grant is to advance economic justice for populations and communities adversely impacted by cannabis prohibition.  Local jurisdictions have been encouraged by the State to develop and operate cannabis equity programs.  The City of San Diego’s program, Cannabis Social Equity and Economic Development (SEED), will utilize the funds to provide technical support, cover the permit and license fees, and help with other associated start up costs.

In support of the SEED program, and in order to secure grant funding to fulfill the program’s goals, the City engaged KMA to prepare a cannabis equity assessment and market analysis as part of the Cannabis Equity Reort adopted October 11, 2022.

The market analysis provided a market overview of the cannabis industry at the Federal, State, and local level. Correspondingly, the equity assessment component of the KMA report identified communities and demographic groups adversely impacted by law enforcement as a result of historical cannabis prohibition.

KMA is proud to have played a supporting role in helping advance greater equity in the City’s legal cannabis industry.

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