City of Boulder Implements Changes to its Inclusionary Housing Ordinance

In the City of Boulder, an updated Inclusionary Housing Ordinance took effect on Jan. 30, 2024.  The updates aim to align the City’s Inclusionary Housing program with nationwide best practices.

KMA was engaged by the City to help update the inclu­sionary program.  A part of that process involved preparing a feasibility study and conducting best practices research to support the up­date, which was completed in September 2023.

Policy goals included:  increasing the incentive for provision of on-site units, changes to the affordability levels applicable to affordable units, restructuring of in-lieu fees, and modifications to ensure requirements are sustainable for projects, among other changes.

KMA was previously retained to assist with an earlier update to the City’s inclusionary program, adding a Middle Income Housing Strategy and incentivizing on-site units.  KMA com­pleted a financial feasibility and compliance cost analysis and provided recommendations for program updates that were subsequently adopted in 2017.