A Long-Awaited Groundbreaking in LA’s Little Tokyo

KMA is pleased to share news of the February 13th groundbreaking of the Go For Broke Plaza and First Street North Residences, located in the heart of LA’s historic Little Tokyo neighborhood. Developer Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) is partnering with the Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) to build this transit-oriented, mixed-use multi-story complex, which will feature a 100% affordable housing development along with museum and cultural space honoring WWII Japanese American veterans.

KMA, as the Los Angeles Housing Department’s economic advisor, reviewed the complex deal terms, along with the financial gap analysis and supporting information provided by the developers.

The LAHD is ground leasing the site in multiple leases, while the project’s funding is derived from a myriad of layered loans and tax credits.

The project will include two separate buildings both with affordable housing units which collectively are dubbed the First Street North Residences. The North Building will include 181 units, while the South Building will include 67 units.  Dedicated units for formerly homeless veterans along with case management and on-site services are also on site. The Go For Broke National Education Center will be constructed in the North Building along with offices, a museum, and commercial space that prioritizes legacy Little Tokyo retailers such as the 120 year old Fugest Confectionary and the Suehiro Café.  The South Building will also include ground floor retail and non-profit tenant space. The project’s courtyard allows pedestrian access and will incorporate the original Go For Broke monument dedicated to the World War II American veterans of Japanese ancestry in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.